Isolated Together


*20% of all sales of this book will be donated to the Sault Ste. Marie Soup Kitchen, helping them to continue to support members of our community at this very difficult time!

Northern Ontario perspectives of
life in a global pandemic

An Anthology

Edited by A. A. Parr

Featuring contributions in arts, poetry and prose
from 18 diverse Northern Ontario Authors including:

Brenda Barefoot, Patrick Aura, Deborah de Bakker, A. A. Parr, Mandy Massé, Mackenzie Mooney, Krista McCracken, Sarah McComb, Jacob Maybe, Katelyn Townsend, Errol Caldwell, Erin Pitkethly, Amy Townsend, and members of the RedShoes Writing Collective: Samidha Kalia, Katja Maki, Sanjana Sharma, Taina Maki Chahal, and Annette Pateman.

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For centuries, we have lived, worked, loved, struggled, and hoped in these remote and often unforgiving Northern Ontario landscapes. Our predecessors have faced unimaginable burdens, impossible odds, and unpredictable futures in the hopes of creating a legacy. Each Northerner has navigated through rocky terrain, wind-sculpted forests, and cold water rapids, seeking to forge a connection with both the people who have made the north their home, as well as with that great gorgeous land itself.

Today, in the time of a global pandemic, we are faced with a different sort of isolation–one which has been enforced upon us, causing us to take a step back from our once-comfortable routines to scrutinise our systems and ourselves. Though we are separate, we are now being called to come together to face the truths of our past missteps, misdeeds, mistrusts and misfortunes. We have the opportunity to use this insight to break down dysfunctional systems; to stand up and speak out against systemic injustices; to build new systems, new realities, and new communities based on just reform, considered appreciations of equality within an anti-oppression framework, and true inclusivity and accessibility for all.

Isolated Together  is a response to these critical questions we must all ask ourselves aloud. It is an anthology of lived experiences, of anecdotes and insight, of exploration and accountability, of acknowledgement and affirmation. It is an opportunity for us to share our stories of contemporary life in the time of a global pandemic–in prose, poetry, and visual art or any combination thereof.

With this work, we’re setting out to document a time in a place in history, but we’re also looking to widen the lens through which we view our own communities – we are hoping to connect as much as to discern, to relate as much as to respond, and to extend compassion as much as to express our individual and collective anguish.

From our frontline experiences as essential workers, to our private lives in quarantine, we have all begun the creation of a life unprecedented, just as our predecessors once did. They say that history is written by the victors, it is written by those who have the luxury of speaking up, who have the opportunity to be heard. We believe that your stories deserve to be heard, that future generations will most benefit from your personal victories, and we are taking it upon ourselves to provide the necessary platform for you to stand upon.

Isolated Together is an anthology of creative works featuring 18 members of our Northern Communities (and those for whom our Northern communities have had an impact) during the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic. All Contributors have been financially compensated for their contributions, and a 20% portion of all proceeds from sales of the book will be donated the Sault Ste. Marie Soup Kitchen, helping them to continue to address challenges faced by members of our local communities during the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

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