Type A Media publishes fresh, diverse voices in poetry, creative non-fiction, flash fiction, visual arts, cultural thinkpieces, and hybrid creative formats from Northern Ontario and beyond. We want work that not just pushes boundaries but breaks them down – work that challenges the status quo, changes our assumptions about art and literature and about the society itself in which it is created. We are looking for the weird and the wonderful – work that only you can bring us!

We prioritise supporting voices from our northern communities because they are underrepresented in the publishing world. While our shared geography has definitely helped inform and inspire these voices, we know it certainly does not – and should not – limit them. We are interested in promoting those works which both celebrate our diversity and explore our shared experiences.

We are committed to providing a paying market for emerging Canadian writers and artists – especially those from traditionally marginalised groups, or who have not had access to a larger platform.

We particularly welcome submissions from individuals who identify as: womxn, BIPOC, disabled, LGBTQ2S+, and/or from other intersectional and under-represented communities. We are proud to offer a #saferLIT platform. As such, we will not consider work that is ableist, misogynistic, queer-phobic or racist, or work that seeks to harm, humiliate or demean.

Submission Guidelines:

*We accept submissions on an open/rolling basis, which means our inbox is always open to you!

*Though we are a book publishing company, we operate an otherwise paperless office. We value books as culturally-significant objets d’art, but paper clutter in the office is simply unnecessarily bad for our environment. (We also print our books on recycled papers!) As such, we only accept submissions electronically. Any print submissions we receive will not be considered and may be recycled.

*Direct all submissions via email HERE. Please use the following Subject Line format: MANUSCRIPT SUBMISSION – <Your Name> – <Manuscript Title>

*Submit your manuscript in full as a PDF attachment. Please title your document in the same format as your email Subject Line. At this time, we are only seeking applications for Open Submissions of full, completed manuscripts. (If you have an idea or a work in progress you would like us to work with us on though, please feel free to drop us a line – we may not be able to get back to you right away, but we are always excited to engage with you and explore new ways of co-creating with you.)

*Format all text as Times New Roman, 12 pt – unless where crucial to the artistic message (i.e. in a work of visual or hybrid art or poetry). If you use a font for large blocks of text that is too difficult for our Readers to comfortably view, we unfortunately will not be able to consider your work.

*Include a brief Cover Letter as the email body of each submission, detailing the manuscript title, length, and 2-3 sentence Overview. We’d prefer for the most part that you allow the work to speak for itself, but we always love hearing about why you chose to embark on this project, and what it means to you personally. We’d also like to know a little about you; please include a brief paragraph bio, and any identifiers you would like us to be aware of with regards to how this manuscript might be centered as an #OwnVoices work.

*Include your name, the title and page number across the top of each page in your manuscript.

*All submissions must be of your own original work. In cases where you are submitting a collection of works (I.e. a poetry chapbook), individual pieces from the manuscript may have appeared in-print or online elsewhere, but the collection as a whole may not have previously appeared in book/chapbook or online form – and you must have retained rights to all works included. If individual stories or excerpts have appeared elsewhere, please include an acknowledgements page. We use plagiarism-checking software on all works before publication; we hope it proves to be an unnecessary extravagance.

*We accept multiple submissions, but please send in no more than two manuscripts at any given time unless otherwise requested, and please send each in a separate email. If we are currently considering some of your work, we ask that you do not submit new work to us until we have responded to your current submissions with our accept/decline decision.

*Simultaneous submissions are allowed and encouraged, but we ask that you please send us a note to withdraw your submission immediately if it is accepted elsewhere.

*We will send an email upon receipt of your submission – if you do not receive this email confirmation within 24 hours of submitting work, please follow up to ensure it has not been lost. After receiving confirmation, please allow approximately 4-8 weeks for a response. If you do not hear back from us within that time frame, we welcome you to send a friendly inquiry on the status of your submission.

*After you submit your work: celebrate. Show yourself some self-care. The act of submitting work requires courage, organisation and initiative. That alone is an achievement; producing work that you’re proud enough of to put it out into the world is a great accomplishment, regardless of what anyone else thinks. Revel in your own awesomeness.